Maui Bikes is a direct-to-consumer brand that specializes in electric bikes. They came to us with a challenge: while they had a great product and a growing customer base, they were struggling to acquire new customers at a reasonable cost per acquisition (CPA). They wanted to find a way to continue their growth and expand their customer base while maintaining their cost efficiency.


To help Maui Bikes reach its target audience, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy centered around Meta and Google ads. We knew that the e-bike industry is highly competitive, so we needed to use advanced tactics to maximize our results. Here's what we did:
  • Conducted a thorough analysis of Maui Bikes' ideal customers to better understand their interests, behavior, and purchasing habits.
  • Built out campaigns on Meta and Google that targeted high-intent users who were searching for e-bikes and related keywords. We used advanced audience targeting techniques such as custom intent and lookalike audiences to reach people who were most likely to be interested in Maui Bikes' products.
  • Utilized a mix of ad formats including static, motion, and UGC creative to diversify the ad assets and capture the attention of our target audience. We took a data-driven approach to create multiple variations of direct response videos that were optimized for different placements and audiences. To achieve this, we built a modular framework that allowed us to quickly iterate and test different combinations of UGC content, creative assets, and ad formats. Our team of expert video editors and graphic designers produced high-quality videos that showcased the unique features and benefits of Maui Bikes. By constantly testing and refining our approach, we were able to identify the best-performing creative and scale our campaigns to drive even more conversions at a lower CPA.
  • Optimized the ad creative for performance, testing various headlines, descriptions, and images to find the best combination that resonated with the target audience.
  • Conducted regular A/B testing to continually improve the performance of the ads and ensure we were driving the most conversions at the lowest cost possible.
  • Monitored the campaigns closely and made data-driven decisions to quickly adjust the strategy as needed based on performance metrics.

Google Ads

  • Built a robust account structure to ensure optimal campaign performance and easier management.
  • Segmented shopping campaigns by top-performing products and bidding on keywords based on the product's performance data.
  • Used demographic insights to target the most valuable audience for the brand, and adjusted bidding strategies to ensure we were winning auctions against the competition.
  • Promoted Maui Bikes' on-site promotions across Google to drive conversions.

Meta Ads

  • Created a custom audience based on the user's behavior, such as searching for similar e-bike brands, visiting e-bike review websites, or interacting with e-bike-related content on social media.
  • Used dynamic product ads to show users the exact e-bikes they were most likely to be interested in based on their previous interactions with the brand.
  • Utilized advanced audience targeting, such as lookalike audiences and custom intent, to reach people who were most likely to be interested in e-bikes.
  • Developed creative that highlights Maui Bikes' unique selling propositions, such as their high-quality electric bikes, affordable prices, and excellent customer service.


Our comprehensive marketing strategy helped Maui Bikes overcome their challenges and achieve significant growth. We were able to help Maui Bikes achieve the following results:
  • Lower CPA for customer acquisition, resulting in more cost-efficient customer growth.
  • Successful acquisition of new customers through targeted campaigns that were tailored to their needs and preferences.
  • Development of unique user-generated content that brought the Maui Bikes brand to life and intrigued prospective customers.
  • Pinpointing and scaling the top converters through our creative testing system.
By leveraging our expertise in the D2C space, our data-driven approach, and our large network of creators, we were able to help Maui Bikes continue their growth and acquire new customers at a lower CPA. Our comprehensive marketing strategy helped Maui Bikes achieve their goals and establish themselves as a leader in the electric bike market.If you want to take your D2C brand to the next level, contact Terfuu today to learn how our data-driven approach and large network of creators can help you overcome your challenges and achieve your growth goals.