MiSocks, a brand specializing in selling high-quality socks, was struggling to achieve a good cost per acquisition (CPA) in social media. They were also not utilizing direct response ads effectively, which was impacting their growth potential.


At Terfuu, we knew that the key to helping MiSocks achieve their growth goals was to analyze their data and understand their customers. We developed a comprehensive strategy that included the following:
  • Analyzing data to identify areas of opportunity and improvement in MiSocks' advertising campaigns.
  • Conducting research to understand how and why customers buy MiSocks products.
  • Developing a mix of user-generated content (UGC), static, and motion ads that were optimized for different platforms and targeted different customer segments.
  • Diversifying creative assets to overcome potential objections and address the different needs and preferences of various customer segments.
  • Building a robust paid search account structure, including segmenting Google Shopping campaigns by top-performing products to accelerate scale.
  • Using demographic insights to target MiSocks' ideal customer personas and bid competitively across paid search.
  • Promoting MiSocks' on-site promotions across Google to drive conversions.


After just six months of working with MiSocks, Terfuu delivered exceptional results. By leveraging our comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we were able to achieve:
  • A 5x increase in MiSocks' revenue.
  • A 3.8 return on ad spend.
  • A significant improvement in cost per acquisition (CPA) across multiple platforms.
  • A substantial increase in MiSocks' brand awareness and customer engagement.
Our Google strategy was particularly successful. By focusing on capturing the highest-intent users who were already searching for the MiSocks brand, we were able to drive significant conversions at the lowest possible cost per acquisition. This allowed Terfuu to be more aggressive with non-brand search and shopping campaigns, further accelerating MiSocks' growth.
By partnering with Terfuu, MiSocks was able to overcome their advertising challenges and achieve remarkable growth. Our comprehensive, data-driven approach to digital marketing helped us deliver exceptional results and drive significant value for our client. If you want to take your business to new heights, contact Terfuu today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.