Nyble came to Terfuu already running Meta ads, but they were struggling to achieve their desired cost-per-acquisition (CAC) results on Facebook. They needed a more efficient way to scale their advertising efforts, but didn't have the right content to sustain their campaigns on that channel.


To address this challenge, the Terfuu creative team worked closely with Nyble to develop a comprehensive content strategy that focused on video ads. We created 36 video concepts that were designed to resonate with Nyble's target audience and highlight the unique features and benefits of their pay advance service. To maximize campaign success, we developed these creatives with our UGC creators, who were able to bring fresh perspectives and diverse ideas to the table.We used a modular framework to quickly produce variations of each video, which allowed us to test and optimize different combinations of content and creative assets. By iterating and refining our approach on a weekly basis, we were able to identify the top-performing assets and scale our campaigns with confidence.


Through our strategic approach, we were able to help Nyble decrease their CAC on Facebook and achieve their desired cost-per-action (CPA) results. Our video ads not only captured the attention of Nyble's target audience, but also drove them to take action and sign up for the Nyble Essential line of credit. By leveraging the power of UGC and constantly testing and iterating our creative approach, we were able to deliver impressive results for Nyble in a short amount of time.
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