Redge Fit, a leader in gym gear equipment, approached Terfuu a few months after launching their brand to increase brand awareness and boost revenue through digital marketing. The challenge for Terfuu was to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would help Redge Fit achieve its goals.


To overcome the challenge, Terfuu's paid social team accurately identified the need to implement a more prominent top-of-funnel presence, which meant expanding successful search acquisition strategies and exploring new audiences to market to. This allowed the team to focus on top-of-funnel tactics like YouTube video ads and expand keyword targeting and new display audiences to increase brand awareness.The paid search team curated Redge Fit’s most popular products into their own Smart Shopping and Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) campaigns, which enabled them to allocate more budget on the highest-converting products to aggressively scale the account. This optimized approach helped the team to identify the most profitable products and services and allocate the budget accordingly.Part of the biggest Paid Social push was the adoption of TikTok, whose growing, billion-plus user base proved ideal for acquiring and converting fitness-loving Gen Z shoppers. The team also created fresh content by leveraging influencer-created UGC and investing in TikTok’s newly released Spark Ads. With data-backed strategies, the team tested hooks, angles, and content formats to identify new opportunities for growth and extend reach to additional audiences.


Terfuu’s optimized approach led to an 802% increase in revenue across all channels, with 17.9 million views on TikTok and a 4.68x return on ad spend (ROAS) on paid search. The Redge Fit campaign was a massive success, exceeding the client's expectations and boosting their revenue in a matter of months.