WeCook is a pioneer in the meal subscription market in Quebec, and their unique offer has helped them quickly become the leader in the rapidly growing field. However, as they scaled up their marketing efforts to reach new customers, their cost per acquisition (CPA) steadily increased. This trend was becoming a concern for the company, as their marketing budget was becoming a larger portion of their overall expenses. They turned to Terfuu for help in finding a solution to this problem and explore new channels


Our team at Terfuu understood that in order to help WeCook, we needed to create a comprehensive strategy that would address their challenges and help them continue their growth. To accomplish this, we took the following actions:
  1. Analyzed WeCook's Meta ad account structure to identify areas for improvement and optimize targeting and ad creatives.
  2. Developed a complete strategy to grow their TikTok channel by using multiple creators in different segments of their customer avatar, leveraging the latest platform trends to reach a wider audience.
  3. Worked with WeCook to develop creative concepts for TikTok ads that would showcase the unique features and benefits of their meal subscription service.
  4. Launched a mix of organic and paid TikTok ads that were optimized for engagement and conversion.


Our team delivered TikTok creatives for organic and paid ads, and we saw significant results in just a few months.

By leveraging our data-driven approach and expertise in TikTok, we were able to help WeCook overcome their challenges and achieve organic growth. Our comprehensive strategy helped WeCook reach new audiences, allowing them to continue their success as a leader in the meal subscription market.