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We help brands lower acquisition cost and scale through performance creative

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We help brands lower acquisition cost and scale through performance creative

We create ads that convert for these brands

Why Terfuu

Team of

We run our own brands, continuously invest in our own knowledge and have over 7 years of experience in the digital space.


No bullshit

We set clear benchmarks to meet your expectations from Day 1. We deliver results without the usual industry BS.



We have a proven process that is quick and efficient. We typically deliver ad creatives to your team within 2-3 weeks.


An extension of your marketing & growth team

We truly care. We don’t work from 9-5pm, we set weekly goals and achieve them. Emergency on the weekend? We’re available.



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Our Process

- Customer persona research 
- Market research
- Account Audit 
- Custom strategy

- Understanding your numbers
- Forecasting creative production
- Setting up campaign structure

Data & Reporting

- Creative production
- Launch creative test

- Deep-creative analysis 
- Identify & scale winning ads 
- Iterate low performing ads 
- Report performance 
- Brainstorm next steps

What We Do

Full Funnel Strategy

We develop data-driven marketing strategies tailored to your target customer persona, delivering high-impact creative campaigns optimized for maximum results. Our team aligns all campaign elements with your marketing goals, ensuring success at every stage of the customer journey.

Performance Creatives

Our expert team crafts compelling hooks addressing your target audience's pain points, introducing your product or service in a resonant way to stand out in a crowded market. We emphasize measurable benefits and conversion-driven tactics to achieve your marketing goals and drive success.

Ad Management

Our team collaborates with you to set clear KPIs and employs data-driven optimization for effective ad campaign management, ensuring both wide reach and profitable results. We identify optimal ad placements, test, and adjust tactics to help you scale your efforts and achieve your business goals.

Don't take our word for it đź’ś

"They have a deep understanding of the space they serve. We are extremely happy with the results, we were able to keep our CAC cost low and run effective ads."

Han X

I recommend Terfuu to any brand owner. They LISTEN !!! đź—ť Their ability to understand your strategic intent and recommend the best solution is incredible. Their team is extremely easy to talk with, They simply over deliver what they commit and beyond.

Ali D.

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We help brands lower acquisition cost and scale through performance creative

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