6 Good Reasons to Work with Influencers

October 25, 2023


You've probablyheard the term "influencer marketing." This modern communicationmethod involves using influencers to enhance a company's visibility and promotea product or service.


What is an influencer?


An influenceris an individual with a substantial online or social media following (such as ablog, YouTube channel, or Instagram account) who actively engages with theiraudience on a specific topic. They are considered by their community (audience- people who regularly consume their content) as either experts or at leastsources of inspiration and information.


The most commonthematic areas for influencers are fashion, beauty, gaming, and travel, butmany influencers delve into more niche subjects. It's important to note thatvery few influencers make a living from this activity; they often view it asmore of a hobby than a full-time profession.


The term"influencer" encompasses internet users with varying community sizes.Apart from YouTube "stars" like Norman, Enjoy Phoenix, Natoo, whohave over a million subscribers (or followers), nearly 50% of influencers havebetween 1,000 and 10,000 subscribers. These are known as micro-influencers.


As their namesuggests, influencers shape the consumption habits of the users who followthem. By testing and giving their opinions on products or services, they act asinfluencers. In an era where customer reviews reign supreme, it'sunderstandable that they are often as profitable as traditional advertising.


Therefore, anincreasing number of small and medium-sized businesses are turning tomicro-influencers (who are more accessible and cost-effective) to implementinfluencer marketing campaigns. We've listed six compelling reasons for you totake the plunge as well.


Influencers have the trust of Internet users


It's worthrepeating that customer reviews are on the rise. Consumers no longer trustbrands and their advertising as much as they used to. Instead, they prefer toseek information from their peers who have tried a product. Over 70% ofinternet users believe that positive comments instill trust in businesses.


The mostcompelling reason to collaborate with influencers lies in the credibility andlegitimacy they have earned in the eyes of their community. An influencer isfirst and foremost a passionate or expert in their field who shares advice andgreat finds. In this sense, they claim a certain sincerity in their discussionabout the products they use. Even when they enter into partnerships, they willalways explain that they would not have accepted if they had not liked theproduct they are promoting.


By working withan influencer, you gain this trust. If you claim in an advertisement that yourvacation rental is family-friendly, you will be less heard or listened to thanif an influencer, who has personally tested it with their own family, does thesame. Their word carries more weight because they have built their reputationon authenticity. If they started giving bad advice to their followers, theywould lose their trust, and consequently, their audience.


Influencers have the trust of Internet users


It's worthemphasizing that customer reviews are gaining momentum. Consumers no longerplace as much trust in brands and their advertising. They greatly prefer toseek information from their peers who have tested a product. More than 70% ofinternet users believe that positive comments inspire trust in companies.


The mostcompelling reason to engage with influencers lies in the credibility andlegitimacy they have earned in the eyes of their community. An influencer isfirst and foremost a passionate or expert in their field who shares advice andgreat discoveries. In this sense, they advocate a certain sincerity in theirdiscussions about the products they use. Even when they enter intopartnerships, they will always explain that they would not have accepted ifthey had not liked the product they are promoting.


Bycollaborating with an influencer, you benefit from this trust. If you assert,in an advertisement, that your vacation rental is fully suitable for families,you will be less heard or listened to than if an influencer, who has personallytested it with their own family, does the same. Their words carry more weightbecause they have built their reputation on authenticity. If they were to startgiving bad advice to their followers, they would lose their trust and,consequently, their audience.


Their influence can help you increase your sales


Influencedrives purchases! One in three internet users follows at least one influenceron social media. Among them, 48% primarily seek information to make betterconsumption choices and find inspiration. 75% of internet users report havingpurchased a product or service after seeing it featured by an influencer.


As a result,the conversion rate of an influencer campaign is significantly higher than thatof a traditional advertising campaign. Additionally, the cost of partneringwith an influencer is often lower. The math is quite straightforward!


They reach anaudience that resembles you

Influencersshare common interests with their community, and often, ethical values: apreference for natural products or an emphasis on quality and effectiveness,the importance of human interactions in their relationship with companies...


If you find aninfluencer who shares your company's values, there's a strong likelihood thatyou will reach a community already receptive to the products or services youoffer. Choosing the right influencer ensures that you're directly addressing yourtarget audience, thus increasing the profitability of your marketing efforts.


Thanks to theirprominence, you can expand your social media community and enhance your organicsearch engine ranking.


More than 89% of subscribers claim to have discovereda brand or product following an influencer's post. Among them, 89% have visitedthe brand's website and social media accounts.


As a result ofan influencer mentioning you in one of their posts, there is a stronglikelihood that some of their followers will subsequently follow your socialmedia accounts. This grows your community and your audience.


Additionally,an influencer naturally generates inbound links to your website. This not onlyincreases your traffic but also improves your organic search engine ranking byleveraging their popularity on the web.


They address your prospective customers' queries


Micro-influencers,in particular, are very close to and attentive to their community. Theytypically respond quickly to comments and inquiries from their subscribers.Without your intervention, they will naturally clarify various doubts aboutyour product's terms and usage, delivery times, warranty, and more.


They serve as avaluable source of information and a preferred point of contact that internetusers will use to reassure themselves before making a purchase.


Their creativity might surprise you


It's importantnot to forget that an influencer's primary activity, their expertise, and oneof the primary draws of their posts for internet users is the creation ofrelevant, original, aesthetic, and humorous content.


Engaging aninfluencer can lead to a fresh way of presenting your business. For instance,some brands deemed a bit "old-fashioned" appeal to a younger audiencebecause an influencer has posted a photo or article about their product thatresonated with that target group. The creativity of influencers can breathe newlife into your marketing efforts.

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