why do you need to hire a professional photographer?

October 6, 2023

The photos used for your communication must reflect your company and its DNA. To do this, they must be of quality regardless of the distribution medium used.


Calling on a professional photographer is an essential investment to enhance your activity, because it is the guarantee of having unique photos.

Beyond simply informing the consumer, images allow them to be immersed in an experience, a universe. On a merchant site, this is all the more important as it is not always possible to see the products in a physical point of sale and the web is the only possible showcase.

Telling your story authentically through professional photos truly differentiates yourself from the competition. On the contrary, if you show poor quality photos, it can harm the credibility of your business and be completely counterproductive.

Images stock sites, yes, but…

Photos chosen from royalty-free image banks are certainly a quality alternative to talk about a sector of activity, but the photos found there are impersonal. The advantage of image banks is that some are free. This also means that the photos can be used by any other business. Finally, the more specific your work is, the less the photos in the image bank will be of good help to you.

Take your own photos, be careful!

You don't become a photographer overnight. Having a nice phone or buying cutting-edge equipment to take photos yourself is not always conclusive. Remember that photography is a real profession.

Choosing the right professional photographer

A professional photographer can be chosen according to his specialty: living reportage, still life, fashion photography, decoration or architecture photography, food photographer... There are potentially as many photographers as there are universes. Each photographer expresses their own style. It is important to choose a photographer based on their portfolio and that their world can adapt to that of your company.

A long-term reflection

The choice of photographer is important because the challenge of a communication project is to be able to give it a guideline, a photographic style and unity, over time.

The role of an agency in all this?

The role of the agency is to bring a strategic vision to your photo project. She selects the photographer according to your sector of activity and the universe of your company. Seasoned in the world of photos, the agency offers artistic direction adapted to the needs and project of the company. In order to prepare the project, mood boards can be created. The agency also intervenes in the choice of the location where the shooting will take place, the proposal of model books, will call on a hairdresser, a makeup artist, and will supervise the shooting from A to Z. A real added value for the company.

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