Reasons to invest in corporate video production

October 13, 2023

 The power of corporate video production is undeniable. Through video,companies can engage and interact with their target audience more effectivelythan ever before, paving the way for a multitude of potential opportunities.Here are the reasons to invest in corporate video production:


1. Recruitment

Recruitment is one of the most crucial activities for any organization,and video can be an incredibly useful tool to make the recruitment process moreefficient. Video content allows your company to stand out from competitors,which is especially vital in industries with fierce talent competition. Largecompanies (those with over 10,000 employees) are particularly inclined toleverage video for recruitment, with nearly half of the surveyed companies inthis category stating that they incorporate videos into their hiring process.


2. Training

The evidence is clear: people remember what they've learned from imagesmore than from words alone. This concept is known as the image superiorityeffect. It's likely one of the reasons why so many companies use video to traintheir employees.


3. Higherclick-through rates

If you're looking for ways to boost your click-through rates,incorporating videos into your content is an excellent way to achieve that.People are more inclined to click on an image or video than on marketingcontent (the human brain is inherently lazy).


4. More traffic

When you invest in video marketing, you stand a great chance ofincreasing traffic to your website. People are hungry for video content andactively seek it on their favorite sites. When internet users come across acompelling video, they are more inclined to visit the hosting website.Furthermore, studies indicate that having videos on your site can extend thetime visitors spend there, increasing the likelihood that they'll engage withother content or take action, such as making a purchase from your online store.


5. Increasedengagement

When people watch videos, they tend to linger and become more engaged,rather than simply scrolling through text or images. Videos have the power tocapture people's attention, draw them in, and engage them in a way that's notachievable with static content. Videos can also be used to encourage socialsharing, expanding the reach of your content and raising awareness of yourofferings. When people share videos, they are more likely to comment on andbecome interested in them, further enhancing engagement with your brand.


6. Improved SEO

Having video marketing on your website can also aid in enhancing yourSEO ranking. Search engines such as Google and Bing prioritize websites thatinclude videos when determining their search engine rankings. This means thatby incorporating videos into your content strategy, you are more likely toachieve a higher ranking for your keywords.


7. More credibilityand trust

Video content is often seen as more credible than text alone, making itan effective way to establish trust with potential customers. People are drawnto videos because they are easier to understand and can be more engaging thanplain text. Additionally, by showcasing the products or services you offer in amarketing video, you help build trust between your brand and potentialcustomers. Videos can also be used to demonstrate how your product works orfeature customer testimonials, further contributing to establishing trust withthe audience.


8. Boosted conversions

Videos can be used to drive conversions and sales for your business.Studies have shown that incorporating a marketing video on a landing page canincrease conversions by 86%. This means that when users watch a video aboutyour product or service, they are more likely to make a purchase. Furthermore,videos can be utilized to encourage people to subscribe to newsletters or emaillists, which can help expand your customer base and boost sales.


9. Virality

Videos can be incredibly powerful tools for businesses to reach theirtarget audience and leave a lasting impression. Indeed, videos tend to be moreengaging than other types of content due to their visual nature, making themmore likely to be shared than other forms of content.


10. Higher ROI (return on investment)

Due to the higher engagement and virality of video content, businessesoften achieve a significantly higher return on investment when using videoproduction services compared to other types of content.


11. Brand Awareness

Video can be an incredibly powerful tool for increasing brand awarenessas it allows businesses to showcase their products and services in a meaningfuland engaging way. By investing in video production services, companies cancreate stunning visuals that highlight their brand and culture, helpingestablish a trust relationship with potential customers. Moreover, videos aremuch more watched than textual content, meaning viewers are more likely toremember the brand.


12. More engagement

Video content has proven to be incredibly engaging for viewers becauseit allows them to interact with the medium through visuals, sound, and otherinteractive elements. On social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube,viewers are more inclined to engage with video content than any other type ofcontent. Therefore, it's an excellent tool for businesses to establishconnections with their target audience and foster organic growth for theircompany.

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