What equipment should you choose to make a video with your smartphone?

October 31, 2023

 Rapid advancements in new technologies have made high-quality professional equipment more accessible to the general public.


Being able to film in 4K with your smartphone is now the standard. Weare already witnessing the emergence of sensors capable of shooting in 8Kavailable to consumers. But with so many options, how do you make a choice? Andwhat budget should you allocate?


Using a smartphone for shooting and editing videos.


The smartphone is a fantastic tool. It is convenient and generallyoffers good video quality. The main advantage is that you have it with you atall times. It's often said that the best camera is the one you have with you.Today, there are no more excuses...


Most phones allow you to record in 4K. This image resolution is morethan sufficient and provides some flexibility for your editing.


There are applications that enable you to edit your videos directly onyour smartphone. Options include Adobe Rush, Quik, iMovie, Luma Fusion, andmore. Your phone is truly a video production tool.


iOS vs. Android.


Ultimately, the main difference lies in the phone's ecosystem.Therefore, it's up to each individual to choose the system they prefer.


Our selection of smartphones for creating beautiful videos


The following smartphones are among the best camera phones, but oldergeneration or mid-range smartphones are also capable of producing qualityimages.


·       Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

·       Sony Xperia PRO-I

·       Sony Xperia 1 IV

·       Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

·       Google Pixel 6 Pro

·       OPPO Find X5 Pro


The microphone for achieving quality sound.


Sound isone of the most critical aspects of video production. You should never overlookthis aspect when shooting videos with your smartphone. Your phone's built-inmicrophone is not sufficient for recording your voice from a distance of 1meter, even in a relatively quiet environment.


There areseveral types of microphones with different directional characteristics, eachserving a specific purpose. For smartphone videos, you would typically preferlavalier microphones, either wired (more budget-friendly) or wireless.


Our selection of microphones for smartphones:



RodeVideoMic Me

Boya by-M1

The tripodfor stable shots.


Filmingyour videos on a tripod is crucial. You cannot maintain a steady handthroughout an entire shoot. Handheld recording can result in unwanted movement,micro-vibrations, and give your video an amateurish look. To counter this, asmall tripod is more than sufficient, as smartphones are lightweight.


Our selection of tripods for smartphone filming:


·        ManfrottoMKSCOMPACTLTBK

·        ManfrottoPixi

·        JOBYGorillaPod Tripod


Natural orartificial lighting?


The finalpoint on this list, but by no means the least important, is lighting. Lightingis one of the most challenging aspects to master in audiovisual production. Itsdirection and intensity can dramatically alter your image.


Forbeginners, natural light (such as near a window) will be your primary ally.Instead of investing in lighting equipment, try to find well-lit locations withsoft, diffused light.

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