6 Reasons Why Facebook Ads Advertising is Essential to Your Business

September 29, 2023

In 2020, being present on different social networks is essential for all companies that want to stand out from the competition and evolve in their market. Unsurprisingly, among the most used social networks, we find Facebook and Instagram. These are, in fact, the best advertising platforms on the web to obtain a rapid and measurable return on investment in your web marketing actions.

Facebook advertising consists of distributing your advertisements to targeted audiences and based on the interests of your targets. You can also configure this distribution according to different socio-demographic criteria, very precisely. Here’s why this digital acquisition lever is essential to your business.

6 reasons why Facebook Ads advertising is essential to your business:

Improvement of your audience rate and your visibility

Despite the arrival of several social networks likely to compete with the platform, Facebook remains among the most used. In fact, the usage rate is now equivalent to the level of traditional media (television, radio, etc.). For France, for example, more than 35 million users per month connect to Facebook.

The most interesting thing is that it is a social network suitable for all types of people and for every age group. With this in mind, it is important to note that 45% of users are between 25 and 45 years old. No less than 30% are over 45 years old.

So, using this platform is an excellent way to improve your audience rate. With advertising on Facebook, you have the opportunity to reach around 1,000 subscribers with a modest budget (starting from $5). In addition, these are not just any subscribers, but those with whom you are more likely to converse: they correspond to the profile you are targeting.

Precise targeting of your prospects

With Facebook Ads, you have a wide opportunity to target users. Indeed, you can choose them according to their interests, their age, their gender, their geographic area, etc.). It is also possible to import your customer and prospect files in order to easily configure your targeting.

Furthermore, there are also specific configurations to allow you to reach a specific segment. This is called efficient targeting. Thanks to this, you can rely on their purchasing behavior to reach your target. The options are numerous, and it is even possible to combine them.

Compensate for the decline in organic reach

Having a Facebook page is unfortunately not enough, despite the millions of users on the network. In fact, organic reach, particularly the number of views of your non-paid publications on the platform, is constantly declining. In fact, your publications reach on average less than 0.5% of your subscribers!

The reason is simple: it is in fact a modification of the algorithm made by Facebook to highlight sponsored (and therefore paid) content. This impression rate of organic publications is destined to decline over the years. All the more reason to use Facebook advertising to achieve your business goals.

Adaptable to all types of lenses

Whatever the objective of your advertising campaign, the Facebook Ads configuration options allow you to achieve them quickly. With this in mind, you have the possibility of:

- Increase the number of audiences: you can target several profiles and reach a maximum audience.

- Optimize your brand's reputation: the more visibility you gain and the more people reached by your publications, the more popular your brand will be.

- Improve the engagement rate and have more subscribers: the number of subscribers and the number of reactions on your publications allow you to gain visibility.

- Generate more traffic: Facebook Ads also allows you to generate leads through a landing page, or via a form integrated into your ad.

- Sell: you can also decide to improve your conversions with your Facebook Ads campaigns.

- Arouse the interest of your targets and lead them to the store: if the activity is not e-commerce, you can promote your point of sale using Facebook Ads.

Convert quickly and efficiently

No matter the objective of your advertising campaign on Facebook, the goal always remains the sale. Even if you do not focus on this in the preparation of your project, the increase in sales is always possible, even obvious.

Indeed, targeting allows you to broadcast to people interested in your products and/or services. But you can still reframe your targeting and identify people who have already shown some interest in your offer. Finally, from these latest results, it is still possible to target people who can access your products/services using their demographic data.

Budget control and total freedom in campaign management

Unlike other advertising campaigns which can present unforeseen events, you have total control of your budgets and your projects with Facebook Ads. You can, in fact, increase or reduce your budget at any time. Likewise, you can modify your publication whenever necessary. Above all, the performance of your campaign can be evaluated in real time.


Thus, we can conclude that the advantages offered by Facebook Ads are undeniable. For a launch or to support an ongoing campaign, this marketing solution is highly recommended. You can always entrust this action to a professional to ensure good profitability.

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